Every year students from all over the country and a few from abroad enroll with IBF for various courses. Stud ents can join all courses of Institute of Banking & Finance at Delhi Campus.

Accommodation at Delhi – IBF- Delhi Campus is located in an area which is densely populated by students aspiring and studying for civil services examination. Several private hostels and PG accommodations have mushroomed to cater to the needs of these students. IBF has tie-ups with many of these providers and our facilitators can help you get a suitable accommodation to suit your budget.

At the campus a male and a female faculty coordinator is assigned to look after the needs and well being of each and every outstation student. With IBF, students will never feel that they are away from home. Feel free to discuss your special needs or requirements with your faculty coordinators.
Higher studies play an important role of a bridge helping the students to migrate from academic life to a professional world. A few students get the privilege of migrating from their hometown to pursue higher studies in other places. Such an exposure not only prepares these students to become more independent but also gives them networking opportunities and increases their employment prospects. An ideal city for higher studies should have availability of good faculty, industry for corporate exposure and a culture that positively influences the personality of a student.

About the city

B1eing the capital of India and most populated city of the country, Delhi is a perfect Cosmopolitan. From time immemorial Delhi has attracted the best talent of the country and abroad because of its innumerable educational opportunities. The city is a host to many prestigious and educational institutes and universities like IIT Delhi, JNU, AIIMS, SRCC, etc. Delhi is also the head office of important bodies like CBSE, AIMA, UGC, IGNOU, AICTE, etc.

Talent Pool in Delhi

4The presence of important research and academic institutions makes Delhi the talent pool for the entire nation. The best teachers and academicians gravitate towards Delhi from all over the country. Faculty exchange programs and guest faculty arrangements make it possible for our students to learn from the very best teachers from most prestigious institutions across Delhi.

Living in Delhi

3With more than 1 lakh migrant students studying in Delhi, the city has evolved a convenient infrastructure for students. External hostels and numerous paying guest accommodations are available within 3 Km periphery of Institute of Banking & Finance. Food from all regions and different types of cuisines are easily available to fit any pocket. Being located in the heart of the city the institute is surrounded by VIP and Diplomatic areas. This makes it a very safe place for female students also. The institute is conveniently connected by Metro and bus service to all other parts of the city.

Industry in Delhi

5Delhi is a home for many banks and financial institutions. Thousands of banks branches belonging to private, public and foreign banks are doing brisk business in Delhi. More than 1000 finance branches belonging to national and regional financial institutions are also available. Every bank has a service branch and corporate office at Delhi. This provides ample opportunity to a student of banking to interact, intern and engage with the industry.

Exposure in Delhi

2Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with people of different cultures and religions staying and celebrating festivals together. Life in Delhi is a fast paced, competitive and very professional. While studying in Delhi students adopt the positive behavioral traits of the city to become street smart. Such students become the most sought after professional across the country.