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Institute of Banking & Finance is a TKWs initiative of empowering the nation through world class knowledge workers in the domain banking & finance. Through this initiative TKWs aspires to contribute and play a role in making India a global banking destination. With this vision TKWs has borrowed best minds from industry to create a world class curriculum.
Countless professionals from leading banks & financial institutions such as ICICI, HDFC, Axis, HSBC, LIC, SBI, PNB, Standard Chartered, Citibank, etc have suggested topics vital for making successful banking & finance professionals. TKWs has also taken feedback from the most authoritative academicians from leading B-Schools and Universities to decide the exposure necessary for each topic in its exhaustive course curriculum. Retired RBI Employees & Seniors bankers are involved in creating & editing of the books & courseware provided to TKWs Students. Expert opinion has been taken from TKWs English Point & TKWs Retail School to incorporate the best Soft Skills Curriculum for holistic development and creation of the best banking professionals from this institution.
All this expertise & knowledge has been combined into TKWs own innovative pedagogy of ELT (Experiential Learning Techniques) under the expert guidance of Prof Amit Goyal.