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My College Experience with B.Com Triple Qualifications

Coming from an urban middle-class family, I was an average student, with a passion for learning and a steely determination to overcome the odds and taste the sweet flavour of career success. Driven by the saying, “dreams are nothing more than wishes, and a wish is just a dream wished to come true”, I dreamed of one day distinguishing myself with a professional qualification – Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst or Company Secretary.

After Class XII
The daily newspapers were replete about the percentage cut-offs for admission in the best traditional colleges having hit the stratosphere. And then, one day, while browsing the internet for greener pastures, I had my “Eureka” moment and discovered TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance (TKWs IBF).

Scored less than 90% in 12th? You can still do B.Com course (DU). Find Out

TWKs IBF is an institute of learning that does not pre-judge the caliber and potential of a student by her mark sheet alone. With a valid score in TKWs BAT, and after a successful performance in a group discussion and personal interview, I entered the hallowed portals of the Institute to study for a B.Com (Honours) degree.

B.Com (Honours) at TKWs is an integrated course, approved by University Grants Commission (UGC), which combines B.Com. (Honours) + Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance + Company Secretary spread over six semesters – equivalent to 3 years.

At first, it seems like an improbable proposition to complete three high-intensity courses in six semesters. But, I can state from my first-hand experience, that the course designers have carefully selected the three courses that have the largest commonality of subjects that makes studying for three courses concurrently challenging but hardly impossible.

While it is true that I selected the course largely because the best traditional colleges were beyond reach, I discovered that the TKWs course has an abundance of riches to offer even to those who have recorded 90% score in Class XII.

The challenges of acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge through – painstaking research, constant touch with domain frontiers, courage to think differently, and creating viable business templates for commercial implementation are guaranteed to put you in the spotlight.

Studying at TKWs was intellectually and experientially refreshing and stimulating. There was a never-before vibrancy experienced in the classroom, driven by a passionate faculty that helped students unleash their creative and analytical potential.

Guest faculties were household names from the banking and finance sector, and their every word resonated deep within the recesses of our minds. Maestros from industry brought real life events to our desks and challenged us to resolve complex financial, banking, ethical, legal and marketing intricacies.

The Knowledge Workers (TKW) approach included leadership camps designed to foster the development of interpersonal relationship skills, team playing, and conflict resolution.

Those three years of an eclectic mix of classic theoretical inputs, grassroots knowledge implementation, learning techniques that look at situations as challenges and opportunities, taking a wide angled view with a creative perspective were strenuous but immensely fulfilling and rewarding.

A triple qualification with B.Com(Honours), Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance & Company Secretary, even before I had attained majority; it was so unbelievable and surreal but yet true.

After TKWs
The placement service was an added attraction, but the truth is that alumni of TKWs are highly regarded, command tremendous market value and are much sought after by the crème la crème of the banking and finance sector.

After two years with an American multinational banking and financial services company with revenues of USD 100 billion, you cannot imagine how happy I am that I researched and discovered TKWs IBF.

My colleagues tell me that there are whispers in the corridors about my impending elevation in the company hierarchy. My decision to join the three in one course turned out to be a wise one, and TKWs delivered on its assurances.

TKWs triple qualification course offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to ignite your path to future success.

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