Experiential Learning

ELT Techniques have been the core of IBFs’ teaching methodology ever since the group started its skill development division. Experiential Learning flows in the DNA of IBF. IBF believes in the philosophy of

Involve me and I will never forget

IBFs Experiential Learning Techniques are applied to


Knowledge through Experiential Learning
At IBF students are taught by ex Bankers and Industry professional to learn from practical experiences of these veterans. Besides this 20-30 interactions with corporate leaders are organized to give practical knowledge to the students. Students work on research works, presentations and projects to gain firsthand knowledge through Banking Research, Balance Sheet Analysis, Economic Survey Presentation, Product Launch Presentation, Wealth Planning Case Study, etc.

Skill Development through Experiential Learning
At IBF, students are involved in organizing a host of activities, project works, events, excursions, competitions and contests. Every activity is followed be a debriefing session, which leads to invaluable learning. These skill development activities are aimed at improving Technical Skills, Professional Skills & Soft Skills of the students.

Formulate Attitude through Experiential Learning
Since someone correctly said that “Attitude determines Altitude”. Attitude formation should be one of the key goals of a management college. At IBF, we try to develop the attitude of learning, customer service, hard work, punctuality and honesty amongst our students through practical day to day initiatives.

Experiencial Learning

Some IBF Alumnis
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Study Tours

The simple statement is the summarization of a 244 page research thesis called “Value and Uses of Study Tours”, published in the Journal
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