Life @ IBF

Life at IBF is a mixed bag of experience. On one end students experience the frenzy of deadlines and on the other end there are moments of fun and pleasure. A judicial mix of both makes the learning experience with IBF a thrilling journey. A few non-academic events that play an equally important role in shaping up the student’s personality are
Orientation Session
This is a session where IBFs’ students get introduced to the IBF Faculty, project works and academic routines. Students are also educated about the opportunities ahead of them and how to go about preparing for them.
Booming Freshto
IBFs’ fresher’s party gives the students their first opportunity to show case their talents. This is also the time when the ice is broken and the students and faculty get bonded with each other like a family to work towards a common goal.
Saraswati Puja
This teaches students about the need to stay attached to their roots and reminds them of their traditional values. This puja is a great humbling experience and teaches the students about connecting and harnessing their spiritual energy.
Diwali Celebration
The festival of lights is celebrated with a great pomp & show where the student, faculty and they families come together to play games, burn crackers and enjoy a great feast.
Leadership Summit
This overnight camping teaches the students many new skills besides Leadership. From climbing mountains, crossing rivers to sleeping in tents are the things that students do for the first time. The students come back transformed after this 2 day excursion.
Christmas & New Year
Christmas celebrations are very special in IBF. Student get together to design a crib and the local church groups are invited to sing carols. This is followed by games, dance and a lot of fun.
Bankers Meet
Organizing this conference and then managing the event teaches the students as much as they learn from the great speakers who speak at the conference. This is the event which changes their perspective and gives them a glimpse of what the corporate life is all about.
A day long picnic around the city where the students play outdoor games and compete against each other in various competitions to show their strengths.
International Tour
This international study tour exposes the students to some real action in financial services industry. Students visit foreign banks, stock exchanges and learn a course in a foreign university.
Students’ journey with IBF comes to an end with a convocation ceremony where the students are formally conferred their Diplomas, awards & certificates during the year. This is followed by a farewell party where the IBF faculty bids a final good bye to students while praying for their successful career.

Experiencial Learning

ELT Techniques have been the core of IBFs’ teaching methodology ever since the group started its skill development division
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Study Tours

The simple statement is the summarization of a 244 page research thesis called “Value and Uses of Study Tours”, published in the Journal
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