Study Tours

Best learning is the learning which happens Out-Of-Classroom

The simple statement is the summarization of a 244 page research thesis called “Value and Uses of Study Tours”, published in the Journal of travel research association of Canada by Prof. Nancy Chesworth of Mount Saint Vincent University. Taking an inspiration from the study, IBF takes students out for various training excursions. Two most important study tours conducted annually are:

Leadership Summit

The students are taken out for a 2 days camping excursion where they experience things which are never done before. This 2 day leadership summit is organized in the laps of nature at locations like Shivpuri in Rishikesh or Corbett National Park, etc. The students attend lectures in the natural environment and perform activities which give them unforgettable learning. After the leadership summit students turn out to be more confident, better decision makers and more focused leaders. IBF organizes the leadership camp in association with Rock Sport Adventures which is the biggest outdoor education company in Delhi.

International Study and Certification Tour

Students might get many opportunities to travel abroad. However, studying in a foreign campus is an experience which very few are able to experience. IBFs’ International Study & tour gives this unique opportunity to MBA and PG Students. The students are taken to visit Asian countries like Singapore / China / Hongkong / Malaysia / etc. These trips are not like a typical vacation. The students interact with the finance professionals in these countries and visit their offices. The students also attend lectures in one of the education institutions of these countries which also gives them a certification. This international exposure gives completely new perspectives and changes the way IBFs’ students approach things. IBF organizes the International Study and certification tour in association with, a webportal which specializes in creating offbeat travel ideas.


We have created different scholarship programs and 30% seats in each course are reserved for students enrolling under these schemes. Students can seek a merit seat under following scholarship schemes.
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