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Why choose IBF?

10 Reasons to choose Institute of Banking & Finance

1. Industry Ready Curriculum

Practical Curriculum to produce industry ready banking and finance professionals. For example, Trade Finance & Services, a unique paper taught only by IBF that relates directly to the work of Trade Desk Officer in a bank.

The curriculum is designed by practicing and retired professional from BFSI industry and is revised twice in a year. Details of curriculum can be made available on request.

2. Corporate Interaction

IBF course requires the students to visit the industry and interview the professionals at least 2 times for different projects.

Also 20-30 interactions with experts from different fields are organized for giving the best exposure to students. For example, the ACP of Police, himself visits once in a year to talk about security measures and safety precautions in cash handling.

3. Experiential Learning

IBF believes in the philosophy of “involve me and I will never forget”. Students are involved in organizing events like Bankers Meet, Leadership Summit & Booming Freshto. During all events students are daily debriefed about practical learning of Organizing, project management, crisis handling & networking.

4. Practical Application

IBF follows a unique GPA based evaluation system. In this the students are repeatedly examined not only for their knowledge but the ability to apply that knowledge in solving work related challenges.

5. Pre Banking Training

Public sector banks conduct PO & Clerical, whereas private sector banks conduct IQ assessments as an elimination round for selection of candidates. Every weekend, IBFs’ students attend special classes for these Pre Banking exams and appear for Mock tests which ensures that they qualify for GD/PI round in the interview process.

6. Economic Times

IBF has created a unique paper called Project Submission, in which the students learn how to read and interpret different pages of Economic Times. Later the students are also taught about speed reading of the newspaper. By the end of the semester, students become adept to reading financial dailies and regularly appear for quizzes based on the newspaper.

7. Portfolio Competitions

All IBF students are regularly contesting for a portfolio management competition using a virtual trading terminal. This develops their financial acumen and gives them the confidence of decision making.

8. Soft Skill Development

Students use Language Learning Lab, to polish and enhance their English communication. All students visit the style lab at Select City Walk, to learn about grooming and to carry themselves with finesse.

9. Leadership Summit

IBF organizes with the help of Rock Sport Experiential, an overnight Youth Leadership Camp. Here the students learn important lessons of survival and learn to take decisions in adverse situations.

10. Bankers Meet

India’s only HR conference focusing on Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Professionals. This conference is attended by HR & Functional Heads. Renowned authors and CEOs are invited for a panel discussion. At bankers meet students get the experience of a life time through the atmosphere and also from the interactions with such senior professionals.

Life @ IBF

Life at IBF is a mixed bag of experience. On one end students experience the frenzy of deadlines and on the other end there are moments of fun
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Experiencial Learning

ELT Techniques have been the core of IBFs’ teaching methodology ever since the group started its skill development division
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